Windows 10 News: Microsoft’s Keyboard Shortcuts, Secret Start Menu, Upgraded

In just one month, Windows 10 has rocketed to a user base that its two predecessors couldn’t ever dream of.


Kazam, one of the manufacturers which has released a Windows Phone 8.1 device with 4 GB of internal storage, told WMPoweruser earlier this month that the smartphone in question, Thunder 450W, will not be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile.

When Apple released iOS 8 the software required 5GB of free space to install – a figure the company later rolled back to 1.1GB when users protested that they simply could not clear enough space.

Within a couple of days of the General Availability of Windows 10 we learned from Microsoft that the new operating system had already been installed on over 14 million devices. It played a huge role in making Microsoft what it is today. And the best part, perhaps, is the fact that it’s hiding right under your nose – it doesn’t even need to be enabled from within Windows 10’s settings in order to be accessed.

It now seems those numbers were not that far off target according to a series of tweets from Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Corporate VP for Marketing in the Windows & Devices Group.

Some will argue that this negates the success of Windows 10, that one can’t compare a free upgrade to a paid license.

Desktop gadgets were among the most favorite features in Windows 8, but will not make an appearance in Windows 10. He writes, “A message to young readers: if you have Windows 10 now, your parents might be getting the same kind of report I did”. That’s the 75 million.

What do you think of this development? I expect Windows 10 to surpass that figure very quickly.

At press time, there are no reveals or teasers from Microsoft but things will firm up in the coming weeks as Microsoft is expected to organise an event at IFA Berlin 2015 as well.


Windows 10 has brought a raftload up updates to tens of millions of users around the world.

Microsoft says Windows 10 now on 75 million devices