Wisconsin governor announces presidential bid

Gov. Walker has shown he will say anything to position himself in the mainstream during election season but then governs as an extremist.


Walker made an early morning announcement via Twitter, stating, “I’m in”.

Political surveys suggest Walker, the son of a Baptist preacher, has the potential to win broader support from Christian conservatives, Tea Party activists opposed to big government initiatives and business-oriented Republicans.

“We have a president who drew a line in the sand and allowed it to be crossed. What makes us unique is we’ve done both”.

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“That’s pretty much the most offensive thing he could say that working people who are standing up for their rights are equivalent to terrorists”, one labor official told The Hill.

In an email to supporters send after he officially entered the race via a campaign video, Walker said that every major decision in his life has been driven by his “relationship with God”.

Walker has won three elections in four years for a state office.

The union-battler and tax-cutter became the first governor to survive a recall election after his opponents collected enough signatures to hold another ballot in 2012 over his attempts to weaken trade union powers in Wisconsin to curb public spending.

Speaking to a packed house in the Republican stronghold of Waukesha, Scott Walker pointed out the policies that have made him a conservative superstar; legalizing concealed carry, making abortions more hard to obtain and pushing through voter ID. “Instead of focusing on that, we need to talk about how to get people the skills and education and qualifications they need to take on careers that pay far more than that”. And by that I mean the values that we associate with conservatism. The results, he claimed, were an increased high-school graduation rate and the second-best ACT scores in the country. “Leadership with big, bold ideas from outside of Washington”. If elected, he said, he would start by repealing Obamacare and rolling back federal regulations.

In the three gubernatorial elections Mr. Walker has won, his share of the white and African-American vote has looked remarkably stable.

Amid more than a dozen candidates in the Republican presidential field, Walker has polled at or near the top routinely, and he has consistently led in the opening caucus state of Iowa, a state that figures to be crucial to his chances of winning the nomination.


“”On foreign policy Walker said, “Under the Obama-Clinton doctrine, America is leading from behind”, and “[t]he greatest threat to future generations is radical Islamic terrorism”.

A worker sets up for the campaign kick-off rally for US Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in Waukesha Wisconsin on Monday