Woman gave up apartment to live on a train

Having paid for a BahnCard 100, which allows her to board any train in Germany for a year, Ms Muller now commutes between the homes of her mother in Berlin, her grandmother in Bielefeld, her friends in Tubingen and her boyfriend, often sleeping at one of their places.


“I realized that I didn’t want to live anywhere anymore”, Müller told a foreign news agency in an interview.

Now she spends her days shuttling between her university in Tübingen, her boyfriend’s flat in Cologne, and her mother’s house in Stuttgart.

Leonie has lived on trains for nearly six months, washing her hair in train bathrooms. As the South China Morning Post reports, Muller hops from train to train in Germany, living out of a backpack. In means she can hop on and off any line she pleases and call it her temporary home. The season ticket costs her around $380 per month. Müller said she feels at home on the trains and she can visit many more friends, as well as cities.

Müller explains to the Post that she first started riding the rails after getting into a disagreement with the landlord of her old apartment. “It’s like being on vacation all the time”, she said.

The young student has also launched a blog to be presented as an assignment in her college. She tends to take long naps until she gets the chance to crash somewhere.

She also sees herself as a traveler rather than as a commuter or a homeless person. “I have to ask myself constantly, what I want and what I must do”, Leonie was quoted as saying by Der Spiegel.


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Tired of paying rent: German woman starts living on a train