Woman was dead in McDonald’s for SEVEN hours before anyone noticed

According to reports, customers at a McDonalds restaurant in Hong Kong ate next to the body of a homeless woman for hours before noticing that she had passed. CCTV footage shows that while seated near the bathroom, the woman suddenly collapsed over a table at around 1:20 a.m. yesterday morning.


She had not moved for seven hours before diners and staff realised something was wrong and alerted the authorities, local media reported.

Oblivious diners continued to eat their meals around her, unaware the unidentified woman, who was aged between 50 and 60, had died.

However not a single customer or member of staff at the Ping Shek district restaurant noticed she was dead.

Meanwhile, the Social Welfare Department said it was “highly concerned” about the plight of street sleepers and help was available.

According to the South China Morning Post, during the night in question, the woman slumped over in her seat around 1:30 am and appeared to have fallen asleep.

Police said there was nothing suspicious about the death of the yet unidentified woman who regularly spent her nights at the restaurant.

Wendy Lam, senior director of corporate affairs at Hong Kong McDonald’s, said the woman did not order food but asked for a glass of water from the counter before taking a seat.

Concern groups said the woman’s death was tragic, pointing out that a few homeless people were not unemployed – but because their salaries were so low they would rather spend their little money on food than rent.


Adding, “We welcome everyone to visit our restaurants any time”.