Women tweet Donald Trump about their periods after ‘blood’ comment

Multi-billionaire businessman Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican pack, despite Fox News turning the heat on him in the Republican debate, and after remarks that have alienated him from sections of the Republican party.


Today News adds, Trump said he did not finish his sentence because he wanted to go on to the next point.

“An authoritative voice was born last week, and it wasn’t emanating from one of the guys vying for the GOP nomination”. They claim that Bush was slightly higher pre-Megyn Kelly incident.

It all started with Trump’s response to Kelly’s challenge during Thursday’s debate.

Trump didn’t deny it. And when Kelly was undeterred by his attempt to laugh off her question with a joke about comedian Rosie O’Donnell, he fired back.

The host of “The Kelly File” made the announcement Wednesday night. The verdict’s still out.

Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes spoke with Mr Trump directly on Monday, assuring him he will “treated fairly” by the station, the tycoon tweeted on Monday.

Since then Trump has faced a firestorm of controversy for some of his comments.

While Trump initially doubled down on his criticism of Megyn Kelly, he softened his tone on women in a phone interview with CNN this week, saying, “I cherish women”.

I would never say that your hormones render you a misogynist, Donald Trump. I do whine because I want to win. I mean, I answered the questions well.

But it isn’t Trump who is causing the biggest problems for Kelly.

A Suffolk University poll also taken after the debate put Trump in first place with 17 percent among likely Iowa caucus goers, followed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with 12 percent.

To catch you up, Megyn asked Donald about his past offensive statements toward women-including that they’re “fat pigs”-and the conservative presidential hopeful thought she was out of line for bringing this up”. You know, the one you hear all the time…


“Most people agree with what I said”, said Mr Trump, who is leading the field of Republican candidates in the polls. “The people we are dealing with, it is what it is”, he said. Despite the appeals, campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said that Trump will continue to finance the campaign, but has “been overwhelmed by unsolicited contributions”.

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