Workplace Mobile Apps: Technology And Safety

Workplace safety has always been a concern in the U.S. Before the invention of OSHA there were hardly any standards in place for protecting the safety and rights of workers. Today, even with such standards primed, there are still jobs that are highly risky where a single wrong move can cause injury or even death. Fortunately, with the much advancement in mobile technology, there are now several mobile apps that are promoting and even helping workplace safety.


Lift Calculator
The Lift Calculator app is one of them. It was developed by National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health and is intended to calculate the stress amount that certain lifts put on a person’s lower back. The app costs $2.99 and is obtainable to anyone who wishes to download it.

Sound Meter
Sound Meter is another workplace app. It is a free app and it lets users measure the levels of noise in their places of work with the microphone on their devices. This way, workers can suggest changes or at least wear earplugs, if need be.

First aid & CPR.
This app is from the American Heart Association and is probably among the most essential and overlooked workplace safety apps. This relatively cheap app offers many pictures and videos on how to carry out first aid as well as CPR. This includes guidelines on handling both chocking and CPR on children, infants and adults, making it the ideal app for literary all professions.

SafetyNet is an essential app in any warehouse situation. It allows users to predict, record as well as prevent workplace injuries. It lets users collect workplace safety info from their mobile devices and syncs it with the app which then conducts advanced safety investigations on the information. The advanced investigations allow users to comprehend the most common places where an accident could occur and take measures to avoid the supposed accidents.

There are very many chemical applications on the market, making it hard to point up a single one. The essential thing is that all these apps let users understand certain chemical hazards, recognize hazardous chemicals and provide information on dangerous chemical cleaning. There are even several apps that elucidate how to transport and properly store chemicals.

OSHA’s very first app is a bit surprising. The workplace safety institution currently released an app that lets users measure their danger of heat related illnesses and injuries. It provides training on signs of heat related illnesses and even reminds users about staying properly hydrated and taking breaks.

EHSQ Audit & Verification
EHSQ Audit & Verification lets you use more than 500 free checklists to confirm your site’s safety. For every item on the checklist, you can write notes, take pictures and videos, record video and show the item’s status. This info can then be uploaded and produced into reports in Microsoft Excel or Word.

There are very many mobile safety applications on the market at the moment. Some are unpopular while others are prominent as innovative and unique. Mobile safety applications are not just business apps, they are apps with the ability to offer aid, prevent injury and even save people’s lives in the workplace.


Mathew is a keen technology blogger with a focus on software and tablet applications. During the day he works for a company that provides and writes workplace safety software.