Would like to see Beyonce on ‘Scandal’: Kerry Washington

“I think my celebrity crush is this Pope”, the actress joked on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” last week.


Which means that Kerry Washington will be on our TV screens once more-along with her glorious head of chocolate-colored tresses.

One Kerry Washington, 38, fan let the hype get the best of her while trying to meet the actress at Good Morning America on September 23.

“I wonder if my movie star weigh down is that this pope,” Kerry said. “I always get that question and I never want to say anybody, because then you see him at a party”.

If you look at it that way, Kerry’s answer is really quite logical and reasonable.

“I don’t think Olivia Pope would be invited because there would be no scandal”, she explained. “I think he’s so humble and so focused on service – just really focused on doing good in the world”, Washington said. “Not being judgmental. Letting God be the judge”. As hostile the “Pope” I the market, that gives you not really of about God. She’s used to scandals. That very same day, the 38-year-old Scandal show star additionally took part in an AOL Build interview before heading right in to a studio for a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She shared.

E! News caught up with Washington the night of the premiere at an event in support of the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse’s campaign to bring awareness to domestic violence and financial abuse, which she hosted alongside Dee and Tommy Hilfiger and Saks Fifth Avenue, and she revealed that she sees the Olitz coupling as a jumping-off point for the show, not a hindrance.


Kerry Washington-who plays the most famous fictional Pope on Scandal-is no exception. We just hope Pope is checking a few episodes of Scandal when he’s got a few time – we’re certain Kerry would love that!

Kerry Washington