Wrestlemania 32 Rumors: Brock Lesnar To Face Either The Rock, Roman Reigns

So it’s only fitting that the tour includes a brutal Hell in a Cell match.


After the breaking of The Streak at WrestleMania, and then the screw job at SummerSlam, a few have questioned the need for more Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker matches. Sometimes it’s a pointless match where nothing interesting is done within its setting. Cole asked about their match at Royal Rumble 2014 ago. Saturday should be no different and with Ziggler going over at Night of Champions, Rusev deserves a win here.

That is, until Undertaker saw Brock at a UFC event and publicly egged him on. His first great challenger was the Undertaker and the two tore each other apart for several months, culminating in a Hell in a Cell bout. Could we actually see him in a match against the beast soon?

While the spine tingling fights at WWE Night of the Champions are still as fresh as wet paint in the minds of the audience, another brutal combat is being prepared for. Unfortunately, Rock suffered severe abdominal injuries in his match against John Cena the night before and the plan was scrapped. In a report from Daily DDT, The Cenation Leader could also bring to close in his highly decorated career a match-up with the Undertaker in such an epic platform. And the answer that was pretty defined was this match ain’t gonna happen. What sort of big shocks might we see?

What do you think: Is a surprise Brock Lesnar appearance going to be enough to help turn around Monday Night Raw’s ratings woes or should the WWE start looking at other options to save the series’ ratings from falling even further?

Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show will headline the MSG show that is scheduled to have six matches, including three championship title matches. I’m very happy that we are doing this particular match on this particular pay-per-view. Taker could counter by saying he had to do all he could to win. The WWE could get a lot of entertainment out of the Dudley Boyz chasing the cocky, heel New Day, but with Bubba Ray and Devon’s ties to New York City, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them go over for their 10th tag title win.

And suddenly, despite the general apathy many fans have for Big Show of late and the fact that the giant offered minimal resistance in their last meeting, interest in this battle surged.

Though these two aren’t the most over with the Internet Wrestling Community due to their characters being staler than week-old beer, they can put on a good match together as evidenced by their previous encounters in the feud.

Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt had issues with each other.


Gavin Jasper remembers that after Undertaker lost against Lesnar at their first Hell in a Cell encounter, he admitted to being well past his prime.

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