Xbox 360 System Update Adds 2GB Cloud Storage Plus More

One thing’s for sure, “Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition” would still be included for October for the Xbox One since it was announced that it would be available for download from September 16 to Oct. 15, MNR Daily reported.


Nearly 10 years after its release in November 2005, Microsoft is still issuing the Xbox 360 with updates, the most recent adding several big new features for those looking to leap to Xbox One.

Now, reboot the unit, allow the device to initiate the upgrade, and wait patiently as the Xbox 360 installs the new firmware. And more recently, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Kudo Tsunoda, said that the competition couldn’t “stack up” with their system’s holiday exclusives, which many fans would contend is debatable.

Microsoft has begun rolling out the next wave of updates for the Xbox app on Windows 10. Some may see this as a coincidence, but it could be a bold marketing move by Microsoft. The Guide will display friends and parties, notifications, messages, settings and snapped applications. The controller will retail alone for a staggering R2279.00 locally (at its cheapest), and comes standard with the next Xbox One Elite Bundle that Microsoft will presumably launch at the same time.

This focus on decreasing the time players spend rummaging through menus also extends to the Xbox One Store and OneGuide, the hub for all of Xbox One’s media content. The updated cloud storage can also be used to save games that are backwards-compatible with Xbox One for playing within Xbox One consoles.

With the arrival of the Microsoft Windows 10 OS, the gap between the PC and the console has drastically reduced!

Not every user received the update this weekend, but the select few who did voiced their opinions about the new interface.


Users can also remap controls, which customizes it, making it much easier for gamers to adjust to it as it will have their own preferences. The Activity feed will let you know the new items to check, like, re-share or that you need to comment on once you keep the Xbox app open. The Xbox One Kinect is already able to be controlled using voice commands, but the addition of Cortana to an already-useful voice control feature may make the use of voice control even more powerful and intuitive.

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