Xbox at GamesCom: backwards compatibility set for November, DVR in 2016

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant from Windows 10, is along for the ride, as well.


Survival Evolved, Worms W.M.D, and We Happy Few are a few examples of games that will be coming as cross-platform games for both Windows and Xbox by 2016.

Microsoft has announced that its gaming console, the Xbox One, will be getting some major additions and features incorporated to it in the coming months. This will bring a lot of new capabilities to the Xbox One, but the most obvious will be the new user interface. Microsoft is even allowing Windows 10 PCs to download shows.

Xbox One will also get a TV DVR feature next year. This marks the return of the RTS game that we thought was a one-shot deal with the original Halo Wars back in 2009. And yes, there were plenty of Halo 5 footage videos on show as well. The Xbox One users will be able to record TV without requiring any subscription and stream games to any Windows 10 PC.

Just ahead of Gamescom opening today Microsoft held a special event in Cologne. Gamers on the Xbox community have played an unbelievable 83 years of Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One console.


“Microsoft’s utilizing that leverage, saying, hey, Home windows 10 is just not exclusively a fantastic working system, it is incredible for players”, senior editor Jeff Bakalar stated. Halo is Microsoft’s flagship Xbox franchise, so complimenting it with a customized Xbox One console is sure to involuntarily extract money from fanboys like me. This is the main reason why all Xbox 360 games that are available on the company’s Gold program will also be compatible with the new Xbox One as well. The previous Halo Wars was developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 and was criticized for simplifying the real-time strategy genre to fit the constraints of the controller. Quantum Break, one of the most anticipated upcoming Xbox One exclusive game, finally has a release date.

Quantum Break gets its official release date