Xbox August Update Brings 1080p/60Fps Streaming on Windows 10

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Kudo Tsunoda has enumerated things that would certainly give Xbox gamers an undeniable right to feel smug.

@JoshLuck1995 Looks like you should hear some news this week.

It’s mid-August and some gamers are already on the search for new free games to add to their Xbox collection. This is serious incentive to pick an Xbox One over the competition this holiday season, given that exclusives like Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5: Guardians, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are due to release between September and November, with more games coming next year. Yup, that’s it. There’s no massive setup you need to do, it’s as basic as it gets and this allows you to now stream locally over your network via wired or wireless. I can’t say a lot about what the gameplay is going to be, but it’s very story driven and very extensive.

Microsoft will boost the quality of its Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming by providing support for up to 1080p60fps.

The Xbox One’s streaming capabilities don’t just apply to games.

In addition, the latest update has some tweaks to how you can interact with your friends.

With Microsoft pushing Xbox One game streaming for Windows 10 PCs and tablets in a big way, it’s but obvious that the Redmond-based company would not stop there. “Thanks for your patience, Xbox members”. For additional video content, click the “video” tab at the top of this page.

Owing to a bandwidth limiter put in place by the Xbox App, the visuals of the stream were lower than expected, a less than ideal experience. The Xbox app now has the ability to right-click another player from a user’s friends list. Is this something you’d buy, or does the “digital only” aspect prove to be a deal breaker?

Open the game (or app) you want to record and press Win + G.

Voila, you can record virtually anything on Windows 10, especially your games!

The “Recently Played” portion of the app is being tweaked to show the last time you played a certain game, as well as the gamerscore you’ve earned from the title and the percentage of Achievements earned in the game. This is now a possibility! All other devices will be limited to in-home streaming.

Q: Similar to E3, there is a huge emphasis at Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference for games.

“When Windows 10 launched around the world on July 29, we brought the best of the Xbox Live gaming network to Windows 10“.


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Xbox August Update