Xbox Head Phil Spencer Isn’t A Fan Of The Console Wars

He also reveals (not so surprisingly) that the Xbox team is looking to make a big entertainment moment with their marketing of Halo 5, the same way they have done with the releases for Halo 2, 3 and. I think it does, and we’ll find those, and people will love playing those.


He continues on to clarify that he’s excited to see what kind of experiences VR can offer gamers, but that he hopes it doesn’t became the primary way in which to play – stating that it goes against his own personal view of how video games should be experienced. But their aim isn’t to bring VR to the Xbox One, quite yet. In an interview with GameSpot, Spencer explains his way of thinking. But still for some diehard fans of the series that grew up playing split screen Halo on the couch with their friends, it is a loss and potential detriment.

It appears that we’re of the same mind, Mr. Spencer.

Additionally, Spencer mentions that he doesn’t know how his company will use their AR headset for gaming because right now, they’re just “thinking through what might be possible”.

Xbox One games can be streamed directly to a virtual cinema within Oculus Rift, too. That’s 100% of what I’m focused on.

Spencer adds that he’s trying to keep Microsoft and their fans “out of that type of stuff, because I think that’s just incredibly unhealthy for our industry”. I think that’s kind of the basis of what gaming is about. The opportunity might present itself in the future, but he said, “If it’s meant to be, it will happen”. It doesn’t mean I don’t think VR has great experiences to offer.

He continued, noting that VR might be better for specific types of videogames: “I think there will be certain experiences where that’s flawless”. I love that we’re selling more Xbox Ones than we did 360, and we’re growing year … all the PR stats I can hit you with, and I love that we have more people on Xbox Live than we’ve ever had. However, it’s nice to know the Head of Xbox is respectful to the competition.


He moved on to talk about the console wars, which have been going on for what feels like, forever. Gaming is taking a role in the forefront, because VR will touch more things than just gaming.

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