Xbox One backward compatibility to support original Xbox?

A new “Very high” game streaming option provides 1080p video quality at 60fps, a significant improvement over the previous best setting, “High“.


The update also now lets you toggle notifications for when you are invited to a party or a multiplayer game.

As well as users being able to log into Xbox Live, the firm is also reporting problems posting game performance or viewing the performance of other Xbox Live members.

Considering that all future Xbox 360 games should have backwards compatibility with the Xbox One, this is good news and allows Xbox One players to dip into the 360 freebies.

Which Xbox 360 games do you want to play on your Xbox One? You can verify the change by accessing Settings > General on your app and checking that the version number is 8.8.15003.00000 or higher.

During E3, much to the pleasant surprise of everyone, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be getting backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360.

This appears to be one of the most recent steps that Xbox has taken in order to satisfy fans’ wish lists for titles to play on the Xbox One.

Meanwhile, Attack of the Fan Boy reports that what actually makes Xbox One different from the other gaming consoles is that players can play on any type of device according to their choice. If you’re curious whether your favorite Xbox 360 game can be played on Xbox One, check out this list of supported games. For users with bigger game collections, sorting between those has also been improved as you can now see multiple titles under the same starting letter, or even browse alphabetically. The display switches to show a second tile with your last played date, Gamerscore and Achievements percentage complete.

The update is in the process of rolling out and should come down automatically in the next few hours for every PC running on Microsoft’s new OS. You can do so by going to the Xbox Start menu and selecting “My Games > Add a game from your PC“.

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For those not aware, Windows 10 is a free upgrade and you don’t really need a powerful system for it to work, especially for the game streaming.

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