Xbox One Controllers to Support Button Remapping “Soon”

The things that Cortana that are capable of doing are not still vague and unknown, but many speculate that it is made while considering the Xbox One existing support for spoken commands through the Kinect controller.


In an evident announcement of the delay of Cortana’s integration into Xbox One, Hryb said in the blog post: “For those who have asked about Cortana, our plan is to add Cortana to the Xbox One experience preview later this year”. It brings with it the highly anticipated Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature, as well as an overhaul of the frustrating Xbox One user interface. The Steam Controller will not only allow gamers to remap the buttons as they see fit, but load in custom pre-sets for different games.

Start and join parties, add friends, and check messages without leaving full-game mode will be possible. Other features include activity feeds, find new challengers, trending on Xbox Live in the new Community area. As Xbox One Elite controllers are due out at the end of the month, hopefully this feature will land around the same time.

Gamers can share game clips and screenshots, and view achievements across devices. However, if you are interested in the friendly digital assistant from Windows 10 and other Windows Phones, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

It looks like Sony are finally ready to announce the PS4 price cut in 2015 that everyone has been waiting for.


We expect both consoles to face off in Black Friday 2015 ads with big deals.

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