Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Support and PC Game Streaming Possibly Coming Soon

Some of the most interesting news can come from Twitter conversations and it looks like one with Xbox’s Phil Spencer raises a “nice to have” Windows 10 feature for the fture. In addition to the new feature, the Xbox Live experience to Windows 10 will be expanded with an update that includes several new and improved features.


According to a blog post by Xbox’s Director of Programming, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, the company has taken the streaming function out of preview and bringing it to all with an Xbox One and a PC or tablet with Windows 10. You can then attach either an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller to the device and begin playing your Xbox One games via streaming. This feature will roll out with the July 29 release of the app on Windows 10. What’s more, the parties that they create can consist of people on an Xbox One or a Windows 10 device. One feature is a party chat option that allows several friends that are on Xbox One to talk to each other. Whether these controls would be allowed in Xbox One games, or kept to just streamed PC games would be up to Microsoft. Additionally, you can easily customize your Avatar, change your gamertag, gamerpic, and user color, and update your name sharing settings in one place under Customize. To strike a balance and prevent some issues, screenshot and video uploading only works on the games that are available directly through the Windows Store. Also, there is an updated featured games section on the home screen below your recently played list, which lets you discover and install new and popular games available from the Windows store. For now, the company trails Steam in the PC, but that won’t last long if Xbox delivers on the promises it’s made. Three huge launches for the platform are already planned too: Fable Legends, big and Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

Keep in mind that the Xbox One already features keyboard support, a fact that Spencer acknowledges in a follow-up tweet.


Windows 10 launches as a completely free upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users at home on July 29th.

The line between Xbox One and Windows 10 continues to blur as Phil Spencer says mouse support for Microsoft's console isn't far off