Xbox One Outsold PS4 During E3 2015 Week

Today Microsoft have announced that Xbox One owners with Windows 10 can now start streaming games. Once you’ve done this, it will install the latest version of the Xbox app on your PC or tablet.


With Microsoft having opened up the Xbox app to everyone running the newest Windows 10 build, the company has said that the app should automatically update through its Windows Store. But this particular new feature will allow you to play Xbox One games even if someone else is watching television – think about playing the Xbox One version Grand Theft Auto 5 on a connected PC, while other people in the house are watching the baseball game. The console and PC must both be on the same network, and you will of course need an Xbox One controller attached to your PC.

June is not a very busy month when it comes to video games sales overall, but given the close race between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now, Sony will be pleased with any and every victory.

Party Chat – Above the Friends list is a new option labeled Start a party (beta). On the One, enter Settings > Preferences > Allow game streaming to other devices, and make sure streaming is enabled.

In addition to game streaming capabilities, the Windows 10 Xbox app will also receive upgrades to several features.

Throughout July, Microsoft said it would be adding new capabilities to the Xbox app. The updates will include support for older PC games, allowing gamers to show off older titles from their collection.

-Xbox Fitness: When resuming from Instant-On mode and with Xbox Fitness suspended, you may encounter a frozen Kinect preview image, and Kinect interaction will not resume.Workaround: Hard reboot the console.

My Games – Find games on not only the Windows Store, but also games on your computer not bought from the store. Then click the camera icon, and select Save as gamerpic to make your new pic visible across Xbox on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. Gamers will also be able to upload game clips and screen shots from Windows Store games to Xbox Live.


In fact, the upcoming operating system will feature an improved Xbox app offering unbelievable features like game streaming.

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