Xbox One TV DVR functionality requires external hard drive

Microsoft has announced that the revamped dashboard for the Xbox One, together with free-for-all backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games, will be coming in November 2015.


According to a GameSpot report, the digital TV DVR functionality for Xbox One announced at Gamescom on Tuesday will require the use of an external hard-disk drive to work. “We don’t want them to interact with each other“.

It’s easy to set-up, with your Xbox One (or Xbox 360) automatically configuring the drive when connected.

The external storage looks cool. While it doesn’t perfectly match either console in design the aesthetics match up the Xbox brand. That should be more than enough to tide you over for a few years.

The freshly-unveiled Seagate Game Drive for Xbox (STEA2000403) looks like a great contender.

The company is at the moment also working with Seagate in order to launch a new storage option which will offer 2 TB worth of extra space and will be compatible with both the new device and the older Xbox 360.

It’s likely hardcore Xbox gamers will pick this up, but the rest will just source the best 2TB deals they can find.


This isn’t the first time Xbox has advertised official storage. With the Seagate® Game Drive for Xbox, individuals will no longer need to delete games to make more room on the console’s library.

Seagate launches new game drive for Xbox