Xi announces anti-poverty initiative

U.S. President Barack Obama said Washington is prepared to work with Russian Federation and Iran to try to end the more than four-year war in Syria that has spawned Islamic State militants.


I raised, once again, our very serious concerns about growing cyberthreats to American companies and American citizens”. Obama has faced calls from some Republican presidential candidates to scale back the grandeur of Xi’s visit, which included an Oval Office meeting, the joint news conference and a black-tie dinner.

The commitments were laid out, albeit in vague terms, in a joint “fact sheet” about the two countries’ economic discussions during Mr Xi’s two-day visit to Washington.

He said both countries should strengthen dialogue and cooperation and increase assistance on cyber crimes investigations, and information sharing.

Xi acknowledged other commitments of importance to the United States – alliance with the USA on a tough global climate agreement this year, vigilance on Iran’s pledged adherence to the deal over its nuclear program, and opposition to North Korean aggression. The two leaders then sat down for a formal summit.

Both the US and China have committed to doing their part to address the cyber issues and take steps to resolving this issue. Such systems put limits on carbon emissions and open up markets for companies to buy and sell the right to produce emissions.

“The fact that Presidents Xi and Obama have agreed to work together on this is a significant outcome of their summit”.

As world leaders met quietly behind the scenes, others lined up to express support for the new development push that aimed to eliminate both poverty and hunger over the next 15 years.

White House officials said the investment treaty was a “top economic priority” for the two nations.

The announcement came amid initial uncertainty, especially from USA watchers about China’s willingness to participate in the UN-established world order that was largely formulated by western powers after World War II.

My state visit to the United States is an unforgettable journey. The intelligence disclosures of former National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, about widespread U.S. cyber operations overseas have also given China ammunition to counter the USA claims. He said the U.S. and China, with a quarter of the global opulation and one-third of the world’s economic aggregate, will make greater achievements in cooperation than other countries.

USA officials suspect China-based hackers are responsible, though the Obama administration did not publicly blame Beijing for the theft.


The two countries will overcome their differences and achieve more results in cooperation as long as they speak frankly and sincerely and seek common ground, he added. But his approach was likely to be tempered because the USA and Chinese economies are so closely bound. But poached Maine lobster was again on the menu. Instead, the focus was on cooperation in climate change mitigation and cyber security.