Xiaomi launches a smart foldable electric bike with $450 price tag

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is expanding its portfolio by launching diverse products under various segments that not only include tablets, smartphone but also air & water purifies, Tv’s, Yi Action camera and smart-bicycles. The fact that the power is displayed indicates that the bike is an electric one.


Folded in one second: is the Gi FlyBike the world’s fastest folding bike? The stylish electric bike has a patented folding mechanism.

The initial price Xiaomi is touting is 3,000 RMB, which is around $455, and – as Xiaomi fans will be expecting – the bike is limited to customers in China at this point.

The battery mounted in the top tube of the Xiaomi QiCycle is a Panasonic 18650 2900mAH Li-ion and it is provided with a Battery Management System (BMS) which maximises the use of the battery and doesn’t allow for the loss of energy while riding. The bike had an electric motor and various sensors- e.g. the sensors could detect when the bike was going uphill, and provide extra power. And just in case you are wondering about what will happen if the bicycle ran out of battery, you can still enjoy cycling with the aid of Shimano Gear Shifters that promise to make pedalling a pleasure.

In addition, the QiCycle comes equipped with a bike computer so that users can track calories burned, distance traveled, speed at which they’re moving etc.

What’s it like to ride an electric bike? However, Xiaomi has not yet revealed if the bike will be also sold outside China, a country where is believed there are already 200 million electric bikes rolling on the roads.


Xiaomi is known for producing products across diverse categories, including lamps and t-shirts, and it doesn’t surprise us anymore.

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