Yankees Win 10000th Game, Return To Playoffs As Wild Card

Rodriguez has hit 33 home runs and 86 RBIs this season, hitting. I’ve always been able to get ready real quick. [The problems with the split] may have had something to do with the layoff. “I don’t think it will be an issue”.


Danny Knobler covers Major League Baseball as a national columnist for Bleacher Report. “It was a little bit hard”, the Japanese added, per Reuters.

Manager Joe Girardi ruled Tuesday’s wild card game out for Eovaldi to return to the mound, but left open the possibility of pitching in the ALDS if the Yankees advance.

If the Astros don’t pitch Keuchel, they could go with another southpaw, Scott Kazmir, who started Wednesday.

“Tuesday is out of the question, ” Girardi said, referring to the wild-card game the Yankees need to win to reach the American League Division Series.

A-Rod was given most of Sunday off, though he did get a hit in the game.

As for the other two wild-card options, assuming the Rangers win the AL West, I’d still rather face the Twins than the Angels, although it’s a closer call. “Absolutely, it’ll be a big game”, the 26-year-old telling reporters about his attitude towards big games, per Bleacher Report. While the former Mets prospect has pitched poorly in his last three starts, it can’t be stressed enough how much the Yankees have struggled against lefty pitching since Mark Teixeira checked out for the season with a fractured right shin.

Of course, the 40-year-old veteran deserves a few credit for posting this photo to his own Instagram page, and it’s clear the prospect of the postseason has rendered him into a giddy school-child, which is pretty awesome to see. Eovaldi said he’d go along with the plan, but didn’t think that was necessary.


“For right now, it’s doubtful because he still has the symptoms”, Girardi said.

Aug 13 2015 Cleveland OH USA New York Yankees starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi pitches against the Cleveland Indians during the fourth inning at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports