Yemen Houthis fire missile, say it retaliates for Saudi “crimes”

The Saudi warplane crashed on Thursday in Ghamar district.


Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of the National Media Council, has stated that the victories achieved by the Arab Coalition in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia confirmed that it took the right decision when responding to the call of the legitimate government to save the Yemeni people from the Houthi militias and ousted Saleh Group.

The Scud had been launched at Saudi Arabia by Yemeni forces several times during the almost seven-month-old war, but has been shot down by American-provided Patriot missiles at least twice.

Al-Masirah television reported that the Scud, a powerful Cold War-era weapon, had been fired at a military base near the city of Khamees Mushait in the kingdom’s southwest.

Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman, a spokesman for Yemen’s armed forces allies with Houthi fighters, says the missile hit the base and caused “widespread destruction”.

He made a string of derogatory comments about Saudi Arabia.

Over 5,000 people have been killed in fighting pitting the Houthis and local forces loyal to ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh against a Saudi-led alliance that, since entering the Arabian Peninsula conflict in March, has retaken a few territory as it seeks to reinstate President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Residents in the capital, Sanaa, reported hearing a big roar rousing them from their sleep at around 6 the Scud was launched near the city. Since then, according to the United Nations, they’ve killed over 2,350 civilians in indiscriminate airstrikes.


Since taking full control over the Marib province, the military and allied forces have been securing their presence and prepping for a large-scale operation to take over Jawf province to the north, which lies on the road to the Houthis’ stronghold of Saada, according to military officials.

Houthi leader urges all followers to join fight against Arab coalition