You May Not Be Able To Keep Up With The Kardashians Anymore

Caitlyn Jenner listens as her stepdaughter airs her grievances during their tense exchange. E!


Naturally, that means Kylie posted a crop of racy new photos (which is the main reason that the Internet took such an intense interest), but it also has major implications for the future of her career and her massive fortune. reported that the 25-year-old rapper performed on stage for his “special girl” during the party.

The 26-year-old I’m a Celebrity runner-up had tweeted the rumors – without using Kylie’s twitter handle – but the teenage reality TV star was quick to correct him.

Kylie was gifted awesome presents, as it’s claimed her boyfriend Tyga purchased a white Ferrari 458 for his love, a auto that is worth over $260,000. Kylie turned 18 yesterday and pictures of her party, gifts and guests ruled over the Internet. According to the reality star, she would prefer to wait until she has undergone sex reassignment surgery before she considers getting into relationships with men.

Caitlyn brings up some “tough texts” Khloe sent her, likely sent after the Olympian’s Vanity Fair cover story debuted.

Kylie Jenner did something epic to mark her 18th birthday.

Kylie also teased that she may go back to having blue locks. Even though she is now legally an adult, many online commentators were quick to point out that the pics are looking age inappropriate and way too mature for her.

However, Kylie’s birthday isn’t just a one day affair – in fact, Kylie’s birthday bash was a weekend long!


“The producers for KUWTK want to spin the episode into a “friends become lovers” sort of thing even though they know that people already believe that Kylie and Tyga were together all along”, the insider says. In addition, Howard revealed that late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel officiated the wedding ceremony and did a “beautiful job”. A young woman like her sure deserves to be happy.

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