Your Facebook Profile Pic Can Now Be a GIF-Like Video

This new option will allow you to do that and change it back to your old photo the moment the day is done.


Facebook is making it easier to curate your profile and bio and to determine what the public and only your friends can see such as a one-line “Bio” field and your job, work experience and education.

The giant social network is rolling out the features to a small number of users on iOS in California and the United Kingdom before introducing the changes more broadly. Today we’re starting to test the next step in an obvious evolution of profiles: “profile videos“, the company said in a news release. Snapchat introduced the medium for its users’ “Snapcodes”, QR codes that can be scanned to add someone as a friend on the app and act as their user profile picture, in July. You can record a profile video that’s up to seven seconds long, soundless, and looping, and it’ll play every time someone goes to your profile page on a mobile device.

Facebook has been at it again – updating the look of profiles to keep user home pages looking fresh. And just like an out-of-office email, Facebook is going to let you set a specific profile picture that will only show for a certain amount of time.

Facebook has sought to improve and ease its mobile profile experience as it makes more of its ad revenue from phones.

Profile pictures, meanwhile, are also getting an overhaul.


It said that feature had been inspired by its Celebrate Pride filter, which put a rainbow over people’s picture so they could show support for LGBT rights. In case you hate how cramped your mobile Facebook profile is, you’ll be all over the the featured images section-that one thing that can break the monotony of your bland blue-and-white interface.

New York. Facebook's initial public offering is one of the most hotly anticipated in years. The company is likely to have an estimated market valuation of $100 billion