YOUR SAY: Moon and Mars align for heavenly show

But the costs associated with such a growing colony would rise unsustainably over time, as a result of the ever-increasing need for spare parts (which in turn would require more landers and more launches), Do and Owens said.


If you were expecting to go outside tonight and see a close up of the red planet, you’re going to be disappointing.

Mars will pass close to Earth and rumours have suggested it will appear the same size as, or close to the size of the moon.

In what has become an annual tradition, a hoax is circulating on social media and email chains saying that on Thursday night “Mars will look as large as the full moon” and “no one alive will ever see this again”.

Of course, if Mars were to move in our direction by, oh, 500,000 miles, than yeah, it might look as big as the moon. According to the rumor that has popped up occasionally every August 27 since, Mars is set to make a special appearance in the night sky, reports.

An unconfirmed WhatsApp Message is making rounds on mobiles that tonight, August 28, 2015 will witness Mars moving closer to Earth and its rays will be direct and nearer than usual. In fact, the Red Planet wasn’t even the second-brightest night-sky object that night.

Based on a vague quote from the Curiosity rover’s chief scientist, rumors swirled in late 2012 that Curiosity found complex organic compounds (organics contain carbon, which can be a building block of life).

The only thing true about the Facebook post above is that 2003 approach is the closest Mars will ever be to Earth until 2287. The Air & Space museum had a go as well, in which they described the hoax as causing them to “dread the month of August”. Mars seems like an enormous star when it’s within the vary of about 56 to 70 million KM however definitely not as broad because the Moon.


The picture that accompanied the “Mars Spectacular” email of 2003, which sparked the recurring Mars Hoax. A certain nostalgia factor could be at play with Pluto, as well, Bandfield speculated. “Mars will be easy to spot”. “It’s our neighbor in the solar system, and it’s the most Earth-like planet”. [Why We Love Mars]. In 2024, Mars One hopes to send six cargo ships loaded with all of the equipment necessary for construction of the settlement. “I want the first city on Mars to be called Gatesville or Slim City”, Lansdorp said, presumably referring to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu, according to Space.

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