YouTube Subscription service to launch next month as 2-in-1 music and

The video-sharing website has long since had plans to offer more options for its viewers, as it has been working with the idea of offering a subscription service since past year. It has grown into its own industry that provides a possible path in life for some content creators, who spend their time making videos and keeping one eye on their subscribers.


In the email, it’s noted that 95% of partners have signed up so far, and given the side-effects of not doing so, that’s not too much of a surprise. That’s why we’re asking you to update your agreement to reflect the updated terms for the ads-free service. The new feature will be available in exchange for a $10 fee, but users first have to agree to the new terms that the company has introduced.

Keen to do more than simply break even, YouTube has for some time been looking to incorporate a subscription-based offering, previous year launching Music Key that brings ad-free music, background play, and offline access to the platform. Until then, don’t forget to agree with YouTube’s new conditions if you want to start using the ads-free platform.

YouTube could be about to rebrand its paid-for music video service under the name “YouTube Red”, according to a new report.

The email sent to content owners speaks of “a new ads-free version of YouTube [that will] create a new source of revenue over time supplements your advertising revenue”.

We believe these new terms will greatly strengthen our partnership for the future. Just like earlier reports revealed, if providers refuse to get on board, their catalogues will “no longer be available for public display or monetization in the United States”. We went through a similar process three years ago when we began distributing and monetizing your content on mobile devices. Do you think it’ll help or hurt YouTubers? This was due to the fact that, for many creators, YouTube is their main source of income, so losing ad revenue would hurt both themselves and their channels.


It may be a hard sell, getting people to pay for something that’s been free since its inception.

'YouTube Red': The new name for Google's paid music video service?