Zac Efron fails to recognise ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan UK, where he was promoting EDM lifestyle flick We Are Friends (directed by Catfish’s Max Joseph), Efron played a game where he had to ID songs based on their intros.


But Zac laughed off his mishap with his “We Are Your Friends” co-star Emily Ratajkowski and the film’s director Max Joseph during the press junket, joking “There’s a lot… there’s three movies of songs, guys!” However when “Breaking Free” from “High School Musical” came across the speakers, Efron was at a loss.

The trio were on a roll, guessing most of the songs correctly, including Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” and “We Are Your Friends”.

When Efron recalled the title at last and finally blurted out “Breaking Free”, it was already 24 seconds into the song, Cosmopolitan UK noted.

For the record, they also had no idea what One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” was either.

It’s officially been too long since High School Musical.


To be fair to him, he did recognise that it was from High School Musical. But that’s it. He names off “Soarin’, Flyin'” and “Take A Chance” as possible answers. “Breaking Free” was one of the songs that defined our Disney-loving generation, but Zac may need a recap. Granted, it’s been nine years since the movie was released, so we guess we’ll let this one slide.

Zac Efron can't remember the name of his High School musical song