7 expert tips for making your hens night a memorable one

Someone went on their knees, and because that person was the man of your friend’s dreams, your friend gave a nodding yes to their request.


Months later, you’re tasked with the unenviable task of organizing and planning a hens party to usher in the dawn of the new age.

This is the first of its kind. 

None of your friends has ever being wedded before, meaning you’ve never been to a hen’s party, let alone assisted in planning one.

But here you are, bumping your head left and right, thinking about what to do to make the night a memorable one. At least, to put a smile on the soon-to-be bride’s face.

Don’t worry; we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Maybe not physically, but we’ll do that with this post.

Read on to discover all that you need to do to make the night a great one.

Start the preparation early but don’t do it alone

The moment your friend announces to you and the other girls that she’s getting married and appoints you as the maid of honor, that’s the minute preparation has to start.

Without wasting any time, talk to the other bridesmaids, and if possible, create a Whatsapp/Facebook group chat where you guys can start communicating remotely.

Although you’re the maid of honor, it wouldn’t hurt if you seek other people’s opinions and suggestions. You’d be surprised at the wealth of ideas you’ll get from them. 

Note every suggestion and put them into writing as you move on to the next step.

Talk to the bride-to-be about the ideas you have in mind

Although you and the bridesmaids have come up with a ton of themes and ideas for the big night, you still want to seek the opinion of the owner of the day so that you don’t end up organizing a party she wouldn’t like.

Maybe in a subtle or joking way, you can throw a couple of hens party ideas to her to see what she feels about them. This way, you’ll know her likes and dislikes and will be able to create something she’ll appreciate.

What kind of party does she want?

Get an idea of the type of party the bride is after so that you have a starting point for your planning – whether she likes a weekend away full of pampering, cocktails, and fancy dinners or a more casual celebration during the day, before some mischief at night.


Tell the bride to choose the date

As much as you’re the chief event planner, the date of the bachelorette night should be left to the bride-to-be to decide. 

Remember, it’s her day, so you should do her the courtesy of allowing her to choose a date. 

Of course, you can guide her and suggest some cool dates – maybe a few weeks before the wedding day – to give her enough time to rest before the wedding day.

Select the best of activities

Basically, you could have pamper parties, topless waiters, ladies night out, hypnotists, wine tours, hilarious dance classes, hypnotists, caricature artists, and so much more.

But the trick to having a memorable day is to select only those activities you know will resonate with the bride’s interest, as well as the personality of the guests.

You know your friend, so it shouldn’t be too hard deciding on the things she will like to do on the day!

Pro Tip: If you decide to bring in topless waiters but don’t know where to find them, you can see them right here.

Know who she wants in attendance 

The job of inviting people is yours to do, but the final decision as to who gets invited must be left in the bride’s hands. 

This is so that you won’t invite people she doesn’t want at her party.

Ask her outright to write a guest list featuring the names of those she wants to be in attendance.

Set the theme of the event

This one is solely up to you.

However, you can take an idea from the things you know about your friend (the bride-to-be).

Is she a classy, flamboyant person? Or is she more of the cool, reserved type?

Depending on what her personality speaks, that’s how you’ll decide the tone and theme of the party.

Does the bride love a bit of fancy dress? Incorporate some sort of costume with anything from a simple headpiece (e.g., every guest wears a matching flower crown) to elaborate outfits (e.g., every guest arrives in devil horns and black/red clothing, whilst the bride arrives in all white and is turned into an ‘angel’ complete with halo and wings.


Or you could ask the guests to arrive in one particular color and have the bride arrive in a completely unique color (thus making her stand out without the need for any additional introduction).