The privacy of visitors is respected and cherished at LidTime. Our only interest is to offer interesting resources to the visitors. The personal data collected by this website are of minimum interest. We will never ask financial details, or more details than the ones needed to open an account with our website.

LidTime uses collected data just for assessing the traffic on the website, and for improving the services offered. The information gathered will never be disclosed to third parties, but we reserve the right to ask more details in case the details offered are suspicious.

As LidTime is not involved with marketing companies, we will never disclose your details to third parties without your consent. We are obliged under the law, however, to provide the respective details at the expressed requests of the authorities, in the base of a legal document issued by a court of law.

Personal Information

The personal information that we gather include, but might not be limited to your email address, IP address, ISP, the browser you used and the pages that you have visited. The information is gathered automatically and anonymously, and it will only be used for improving the performances and services of our website. Under no circumstances, your personal details would reach any third party. However, consolidated conclusions such as the total number of visitors and the most visited pages can be sent to third parties. Those files might include your details, but only in a consolidated and anonymous way.


Third party advertisements are needed to support the website. Those third parties use cookies for determining the preferences of the user, so relevant ads would be displayed on our website. Those ads and cookies belong with third parties such as Google, so those are not under our control and responsibilities. If you want those cookies removed, you will have to visit Google and to set up your privacy policy there.