5 reasons to host your Christmas party on a cruise boat

Christmas excites everyone


It’s that time of the year again baby!

The season of Santa, the night of noel, and the golden day of the year.

Christmaaaaaas it is.

Amongst every day of the year, none is as glamorous as Christmas.

Even the air smells differently at Christmas.

However, a lot about how the day will be for you depends on your planning prior to the big day.

If you don’t prepare for your Christmas early, then I’m afraid the air might not smell differently for you.

Your guests will like the idea of celebrating on water

Speaking of planning, we’re here to give you one for consideration.  

Organizing and hosting your Christmas party on a cruise boat.

Whether you want to celebrate Christmas with friends, family, colleagues, or your employees, a cruise boat party represents a great idea that will surely excite everyone.

Imagine someone invites you to come and celebrate their big day with them on a boat; how would you feel?

Just the thought of it alone is enough to get you salivating because that’s not something that happens every day. 

But in case you still need further convincing, read on to find out why we think hosting a Christmas party on a cruise boat is such a good idea.

 Reasons to host your Christmas party on a cruise boat

Create a new type of Christmas memory

Unless, of course, you live on a harbor or you frequent the sea regularly, I’m not sure either you or any member of your family has ever snapped photographs with water bodies as the background.

And this is just one of the many amazing memories you’ll create on a cruise boat. 

Simply put, the feeling of partying on a boat is not like your regular house or club parties.

The theme is different. And so are the memories you’ll create.

You will have some wonderful Christmas memories you’ve never had in your life, all while being surrounded by a unique burst of air, awesome weather, music, and sights.

A chance for sightseeing

Yes, you want to have a blast on Xmas, but wouldn’t you like a bit of sightseeing, too?

Wouldn’t you like to see things that are different from the stuff you’ve seen for the last 300+ days?

If you don’t, I’m sure your kids would love the idea

They would like to get back to school in January and tell their friends how they saw a whale scaling the ocean, how they saw the sun disappearing behind the buildings of Sydney in their party boat, leaving an incredible range of colors in their eyes. 

Go as loud as you want

One of the downsides of hosting parties on land is the issue of neighbors complaining about your music and noise.

Luckily for you, there’s no such thing on a cruise boat.

Once you book your Sydney boat hire, you have the whole boat to yourself for the duration of time you paid for, meaning you can sail wherever you want, increase the music volume as loud as you want, and raise the party tempo to whatever you want.

In fact, you can party till dawn without worrying about anyone coming to knock on your day to tell you to take your party elsewhere.

Make your party the talk of the town

Everybody can say they’ve been to a party in a dance hall or a clubhouse. But how many people can boast that they’ve been to a luxurious boat cruise party?

Not too many, obviously!

Now, imagine how your guests will feel and what they’ll say about your party when they get back home? Surely, your Christmas party will be the talk of the town.

Invite as many as you like

Christmas is supposed to be a day you spend with everyone you love – friends, colleagues at work, employees from the office, family, neighbors, etc. Unfortunately, many a time, we’re limited by space.

Hence, we only invite a few people!

Alas, you can invite as many as you like to a boat cruise party. 


Some boats are so big they can house as many as 50+ guests.