Apple offers free camera replacement on defective iPhones

The issue is hardware-related, specifically a component within the iSight camera which fails to function properly.


As we reach the corner of Apple’s rumored release for its next generation iPhone, the company has also taken an initiative to attend to previous potential wounds.

Apparently, a small percentage of phones with a faulty iSight camera, sold between September 204 and January 2015, takes blurry photos due to a manufacturing issues.

If your phone fits this description, head to the program page linked above and enter your serial number. Serial numbers could be explored with tapping “Settings”, going to “General” and press “About” on an iPhone.

Apparently users of the new iPhone 6 Plus smartphone could have problems with the device’s iSight Camera.

Additionally, customers can bring their device to an Apple store or to an authorized service provider, CNET says. Fortunately, Apple is allowing users a three year window to replace their cameras after they purchase the device.

Any other damages like perhaps cracked screen or chipped off edges will first need to be repaired or fixed first, lest people send in wrecked and damaged devices.

The fix process will not involve replacing the entire handset, instead Apple will reportedly just replace the affected components.

To find out if your iPhone 6 Plus is affected, Apple’s website includes a handy serial number checker. Apple is advising all users to backup the data on iTunes or iCloud before submitting it for replacement.

The fact is that Apple’s iPhone has the most popular camera in the world, and the next iPhone, expected to be called the 6s, is supposedly to go up a notch higher on that front.


CNN noted that concerns about iSight camera have been reported since last fall. Perhaps, this is one way of Apple Inc to iron the wrinkles of past units for a smooth sailing launch of their new devices.

Apple Launches Worldwide Replacement Program for Blurry iPhone 6 Plus Cameras