Here is how to hide the Google Pixel 3 XL notch

It’s clear that Google is trying its hardest to one-up Apple.


Pixel 3: 5.73 inches tall by 2.69 inches wide by 0.3 inches thick.

In fact, while every other manufacturer seems to have engaged in an arms race to add more and more snappers to its phones – LG recently revealed its V40 ThinQ has three on the back and two on the front – the rear of Google’s Pixel 3 phone has just one. That compares with the £869 price of the 6.3in Pixel 3 XL for the 64GB model and £969 for the 128GB model. This means the screen Google can cram into the body, which is nearly identical in size to the Pixel XL 2 is now 6.3in, versus the 6in Pixel 2 XL display.

However, while the iPhone XS and XS Max have 256 and 512 GB storage variants as well, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XS maxes out at 128 GB.

So overall Pixel Slate is a flawless tablet that offers both mobile OS and computer OS experience on the same machine.

So far as battery is concerned, both the Pixel 3 are generously equipped with a 2,915mAh unit powering the Pixel 3. This is, generally, longer than anyone will ever need, although it was noticeably shorter than the lifespan of the original Pixel. Therefore, they know how to manipulate user’s data smartly for advertisement goal. The Pixel Slate boasts a 293 ppi screen, the highest of any tablet now on the market. That’s because the Pixel 3 phones run on a clean version of Android that’s optimised specifically with the Pixel 3’s specs in mind. The gadget, which comes in three colors, looks like a phablet mounted on a bluetooth speaker. Portrait shots in Photobooth mode can be triggered by a amusing face or a smile, so you won’t miss out on the flawless photo. But in case you were concerned, at least there’s a way to do it now. The APK can be picked up at APK Mirror (via Android Police), and you can install it on any handset running Android Pie.

Android Pie was created to streamline users’ experience. Perhaps most interestingly, it pointedly does not include a camera. However, the rounded overall shape of the Galaxy S9+ makes it feel much smaller and it’s easier to hold than the slightly more squared edges of the Pixel 3 XL body.

Google Assistant is getting an upgrade too for the Pixel 3, with new features including being able to book restaurant tables or even the ability for the phone to answer itself with automated messages if you can’t. We’re often told that it’s what’s on the inside that counts and Google’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence (A.I.) advancements remind us of that.

For users in the US, Google is broadening the rollout of Duplex, offering the Screen Call function shown off at the Made by Google event on Wednesday morning. The front cameras for both the smartphones were equipped with an 8 MP front camera with f/2.4 lens. The settings are presented as cards that you can close and they are visible on first setup as well. The Pixel Stand will show you notifications, photos and the time.

Both phones still come with a single-lens rear camera system, but it doesn’t sound like Google needs more than one lens.


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