Marijuana To Be Used For Treatment Of Children In The US

Now here is a piece of news that might surprise many around the world. Turns out, lawmakers in the state of New Jersey in US have amended the law, including marijuana as one of the possible medicines that can be prescribed to children for certain ailments. The amendment was made official by the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Henceforth, doctors shall be able to prescribe medical marijuana to children whenever they feel that is necessary. For years now various pro-marijuana lobbies have been trying to legalize marijuana in the US, saying it has medicinal properties. This new amendment would really give a boost to their efforts.


According to city officials this new law will help in combating serious diseases that children nowadays are exposed to. “I am delighted that our colleagues have taken note of my recommendations. I believe they will be a great help in the treatment of children suffering from illnesses” Christie was quoted as saying, while talking about the issue. It wouldn’t at all be surprising if all the states in the US eventually legalize marijuana intake for medicinal purposes. Surprisingly, this amendment was ratified without much opposition from parents. It seems like most agree that marijuana does more good than harm.

It has been scientifically proven that marijuana contains a chemical called cannabidiol, which helps alleviate the pain of patients suffering from certain types of cancer. Not only that, but marijuana also helps stimulate the appetite of a cancer patient besides reducing their anxiety levels.  While talking about this issue, Paul Armentano, deputy of NORML, a non-profit organization that lobbies for the reform of prohibitive marijuana laws, was quoted as saying: “People want access to natural and safer remedies—for themselves and for their children.” Most agree with him, which is probably why this new law hasn’t seen much opposition.

Of course, there is always a flipside to the coin, which in this case is the fact that there isn’t sufficient data or studies done to note the effect of marijuana on children, especially if it’s administered to them in larger doses. There is also a debate within the medical community as to when it is most appropriate to prescribe marijuana as a medicine. This new law will certainly ease things a lot, but it would still take some time before things are absolutely streamlined.