USA ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley reportedly set to resign

In her brief White House press conference with President Trump, Haley said it was her “honor” to have defended America.


Haley has been the face of Trump’s “America First” policy at the United Nations, steering the USA withdrawal from several UN programs and ardently defending his hard-line policies against Iran and North Korea over their nuclear programs.

“We actually have many names”, Trump said.

Republican lawmakers swiftly praised Mrs Haley after the news broke. Trump teased an announcement less than an hour before his appearance with Haley, after news organizations began reporting she would resign.

Heaping praise on Ms Haley, Mr Trump said she was a “very special person”.

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The former governor of South Carolina, Haley took the diplomatic job with little experience in foreign policy, but quickly became the full-throated voice at the United Nations for the often unpopular Trump agenda. Alas, Graham is “not interested” in a Cabinet spot, an aide told CNN.

But she said on Tuesday she would not be running in 2020 and would campaign for Trump. The resignation will take effect at the end of the year, Trump and Haley said. Between the UN Ambassadorship and serving in the South Carolina Governorship and General Assembly, I have been in public office for fourteen straight years. Before that, she was an assistant secretary of state and a senior White House staffer during the administration of George W. Bush. AP reports that she will step away from the administration at the end of 2018. I think Ivanka would be incredible.

From that role, he is known to be close with Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, a former United Nations ambassador. On Tuesday, she said one of her accomplishments was that the United Nations imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan in a USA -sponsored resolution.

“If we are speaking honestly about conflict in the Middle East, we need to start with the chief culprit: Iran and its partner militia, Hezbollah”, she said last spring.

The president left open the possibility of Haley returning to the administration, saying she would be welcome in any capacity. The former Republican governor of SC has been known to clash with Trump’s views on several issues. As a private citizen, I look forward to supporting your re-election as President, and supporting the policies that will continue to move our great country toward even greater heights. “And they do a lot of things behind the scenes that I wish more people knew about, because we’re a better country because they’re in this administration”.


Haley, 46, a former governor of SC, is the daughter of Indian immigrants. Mr Trump subsequently tweeted that “the people of SC are embarrassed by Nikki Haley”.

Haley is the latest in a string of high-profile firings and resignations from the Trump administration