Donald Trump says ‘Redskins’ is a good name

But political reporters aren’t the only ones taking notice of the Florida family feud. “I strongly believe that once Jeb gets his record out there, that Republicans will take notice and they will see that he is the strongest and the best candidate”. In a week when he introduced a new tax plan, he got most attention for something he did at a rally in Keene, N.H. Trump was talking about Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.


“(Bush) said that there isn’t always a useful government solution to mass shootings and other crises because ‘stuff happens, ‘” a Washington Post article reads. Bush has dipped significantly, and the prime beneficiary has been Rubio.

TRUMP: He’s my dear friend. “I’m not running against him or anybody else”. Oh, he’s my dear friend.

In late August, when Quinnipiac last polled in Ohio, Kasich led Trump 27 percent to 21 percent. I know Kevin, but I don’t know him well. They hate so much.

LAUER: Nice to see you, Senator, how are you? Do you understand? It’s true. But Bush over the past two weeks has questioned aloud whether Rubio has the skills needed to run the country. Conrad Burns. Bush uses former Republican U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans said it was important for their nominee to be an outsider; 60 percent rated the performance of Congress – which is controlled by their own party – as poor.

With Jeb Bush facing tough competition in the Republican presidential race against the anti-establishment candidacies of Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, he’s now considering whether to employ his brother, former president George W. Bush, to reel in conservative support. And he didn’t have the leadership skills to fix things.

From his unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 1994 through his decision to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, here are a few of the top moments from Jeb Bush’s political career. Here is Rubio’s entire, unedited reply: Well, we’re in a different era. He appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition this week to talk about Syria and said Obama’s inaction has strengthened Russia’s hand in the region. Marco Rubio at $42 million.

GONYEA: Then, Rubio does jump in – with both feet – calling Trump a sensitive person who responds to any criticism very poorly. Trump added. “The answer is: I’m going all the way and I’m going to win“. He thinks it is. Is this quickly becoming a wedge issue?

GONYEA: And in such a crowded field, these candidates won’t allow attacks to go unanswered.


Afterward, Ron Sleep, of Long Grove, said that he was impressed with Bush, though he hasn’t made up his mind who he will vote for at the caucuses.

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