Terrifying moment Florida fisherman swims for his life after shark

The clip shows Ben Chancey of Chew On This Fishing Charters reveling in the fight, until the shark pulls him into the water and his kayak capsizes.


Seizing the opportunity for a free meal, a bull shark that had been swimming in the area took the bait and managed to flip the kayak Chancey was in. “It was really aggressive”, he recalled.

While Chancey came home that day with one whopper of a fish tale – and a now-viral video to prove it – the story also ended happy for the shark.

What possessed Ben Chancey to sit in a kayak in the middle of the ocean while doing so is anyone’s guess, but once he hooked the shark – about 6 or 7 feet long – the animal’s power was quickly evident.

“My feet were dangling on the side”.

He said he swam faster than he ever had in his life to get to the support boat because “you don’t know when the sharks will want to come get you” and being in the water with them is “like being food”. And after hearing about all the shark attacks…

Though unusual, Chancey’s experience isn’t the only close shark encounter to be reported recently.

It swam under his boat and tipped his kayak over.


Captain Chancey posted another video in May showing Jon Black of the mad Lure Tackle shop reeling in a 552-pound goliath grouper from a kayak.

Shark Capsizes Boat