Apple Co-Founder’s Allies Take Aim at Hollywood Over ‘Steve Jobs’

Jobs star Ashton Kutcher sent photos to social media, showing how he looked eerily close to the late Apple co-founder in certain images.


The New York Post is calling the focal point of the city’s film fest “Steve Jobs” a “horror-movie” style biopic as it opens to select audiences. “That was the conventional cradle-to-grave structure, where you land on all the greatest hits along the way”.

I can’t disagree. Fassbender and Winslet as the Macintosh marketing chief both dazzle with their fleet-tongued performances, unlike anything they have done before.

That allows the filmmakers to assume a certain amount of background and collective knowledge, but it also creates an obstacle: finding an angle that feels truly original and tells a story about one man that reflects the larger world.

Whatever momentum those efforts had ran right into the ugliness of the first official trailer released over the summer, which showed Jobs in full jerk mode.

Speaking at a press conference for “Steve Jobs” at the New York Film Festival on Saturday (03.10.15), he said: “Obviously I don’t look anything like Steve Jobs“. They were four guys who kept each other’s kind of negative tendencies in check. “Because when we walked onto the set, we had to be that well-oiled machine, we had to be ready to go, we had to have “Sorkinese” in our back pockets”. But it’s a disservice to constantly put things in a radical new light – that it’s going to change everything.

Despite Sorkin’s insistence on its nontraditional narrative, “Steve Jobs” still ends up cramming too much into too little. “I use it pretty poorly, so everything was new to me, to be honest”.

As well as starring Michael Fassbender, the rest of the Steve Jobs cast includes Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels, among others. As Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) prepares for these all-important sales pitches, he fends off distractions like malfunctioning equipment, curious reporters, disgruntled co-workers, and a daughter he initially refuses to acknowledge is actually his child.


Working with him, I always felt that there was a personal connection. Unsurprisingly, the late tech genius got under his skin during the almost five-month production process. “I don’t want to get fired, and Woz can’t fire me”, Rogen said. That’s quite the dig if you ask us! The film has found itself at the center of controversy and debate, after Mr. Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, and friends challenged the film and claimed that such films are inaccurate depictions that paint him as inhumane and cruel.

Steve Jobs movie “deviates from reality everywhere” but “exposes deeper truths