How to Save Money at Steam Summer Sale

If you have anything to do with computer games, you must be aware of Steam. This is the name of a platform that is used by Valve Incorporation to distribute video games and other content online. While Steam sold games only for Windows based PC’s earlier, it is now selling games for other platforms like Linux and OS X as well. Summer is one time in a year when the company sells games at ridiculously low prices. Gamers around the world wait patiently for this annual summer sale as they hope to get unbelievable discounts on computer games of their choice.



SaleThis year’s summer sale began on 11th of July and as is the case with this infamous Steam sale, there are very lucrative daily deals that duly begin and end at the declared time. There is also a daily rotation scheme that gives variable discount on a particular game at different times and days. There is a section called Flash Sales that is very popular among the gamers. In this section there are games that are available at a deep discount for a limited time of the day.


There is also a section where people are allowed to vote in favor of particular games that they would like to see getting huge discounts. This is called Community’s Choice Voting Sales and anyone can vote to ask for a game to be given higher discounts. THis year’s annual sale has introduced a new Steam Trading Cards that are available on to those who buy games from the company. You can earn these trading cards and when you complete a set, it can be exchanged with tangible rewards such as badges, emoticons etc.


This year’s sale will continue for a period 11 days and will end on 22nd of July. If you have kids at home or yourself loveSummer Sale to play video games, this is the right time to be sitting near your computer and grab the games at ridiculously low prices. To give you an example of the huge discounts provided by this sale, Bioshock Infinite, a popular action game is now available to the gamers at just $29.99 as against its normal price of $59.99. There is 66% discount on another popular game Defiance while you get a shopping 75% discount on Left for Dead.



However, just because there are your favorite titles in the store does not mean you have to jump and buy them to empty your wallet. Wait and bide for your time to see the titles in the flash sale or the daily deals as you save a lot more money in this manner. If your loved game does not end up in these two categories by the last day of the sale, you can buy it from the general discount category. If however, you miss out on your favorite game when it is in daily deals or flash sales, do not worry. Popular deals of the annual sale are likely to be back before the ends of the sale.