How to Unfreeze a Frozen iPhone

Your iPhone is the apple of your eyes and the most important and useful accessory you make use of. But it has an irritating habit of freezing out of the blue and refusing to cooperate with you no matter how hard you try to resume normal operations. This may happen occasionally or just once in a while. But when it does take place, it can be very irritating and even embarrassing for you. There are experts who feel that this may happen because of multitasking as when you have a number of apps open and working in an iPhone. Many owners become worried as they know they cannot take out the battery and restart the phone to get over this problem. Read on if you do not know how to unfreeze it without turning the power off.iPhone



  • You can try charging in a bid to bring the phone back to normal. Just plug the gadget in to a power source suing its charger to see if it becomes normal on its own. After a few minutes of charging, you will find that the icon that is made to indicate battery becomes green. You can now resume normal operations now.


  • Look at the apps that you are currently using inside your iPhone. One of these must be hanged or not working properly. Close this app to get rid of the frozen screen. There is a button on the top right side of the phone that you have to press and hold for a few seconds if the problem persists. This is the button to wake up the phone from a deep slumber. You find a slider on the screen when you press and hold this button. Do not worry about this slider as you should see your phone coming back to life after this action.


  • You can compel your iPhone to restart manually by pressing the sleep button and holding it for a few seconds. Just press and hold the home button along with this button to achieve a restart for your iPhone.


  • If possible, go into settings of your phone to click on reset. If you can do it, your iPhone is automatically reset tomobile-iphone the original factory settings. Once reset, you are able to resolve all conflicts that may have arisen because of a faulty app or command prompt given by you. Do not be unduly worried about your music, videos, and other files stored inside the phone as they are safe and you can easily retrieve them after reset.


  • In some cases, it may be necessary to update the software of the iPhone. This happens when there is a big in the software. To update the software the best method is to get to iTunes after connecting your iPhone with your computer. Enter the model and the firmware when prompted to finally ask for an update of the software.



These are some useful tips to help you in case you are stuck with your Phone.