Kim Kardashian Barely Beats Beyonce for Most INSTAGRAM Followers

After just last week reporting that Beyonce was the most followed star on Instagram, it turns out Queen Bey has been dethroned.


So who is it?

The new Instagram queen can’t rest easy on her laurels though – not only does Bey remain close competition but Taylor Swift is also edging nearer the top.

Her captions are also longer and more personal than Bey’s. She garnered approximately new two million followers since the celebration so that she could beat the singer in the race.

Yesterday Kim pulled out all the stops for a laid-back lunch with friends in Beverly Hills. Not far behind in third place comes Taylor Swift, followed by a host of the hottest names from the world of music and showbusiness.

It is surprising that Katy Perry (26 million) and Rihanna (24 million), who used to enter top 10 lists, were not able to make it from the list this time. But after that, the top 10 is made up entirely of (mostly female) celebs – with Justin Bieber as the sole male presence. When she passed 42 million followers two weeks ago, Kim rewarded fans with this…

We knew this was coming!

Blimey, these numbers are making our heads spin a bit!


Since the news broke of Kim overtaking Beyonce, Kimmy posted a picture with her sisters during dinner at Nobu…

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian