New app to locate people nearby who want to go out

The app, which was first spotted by 9to5 Google, is available for iOS and Android.


If friends are all responsive in group messaging then you won’t probably need this app. However, the fact that the “Who’s Down” application allows you to see who’s free to hang out, won’t waste your time for those who aren’t available. Google quietly launched this interesting app for Google Play Store and Apple App Store today. A user can also provide a list of what appear to be popular or intelligently guessed selections.

To kick off Halloween weekend, Google released Friday, October 30, a new social app called Who’s Down, VentureBeat reports.

With a simply sliding action on the smartphone, users will be able to setup what they are free for, up to three hours.

What’s more, the app also has an in-built chat feature, to hammer out the details of whatever “you are down for”. The Google Plus is here too, but its existence – to be frank – doesn’t really matter to many people (except for content websites who maintain an account to get better rankings on Google).


Google has not officially made a statement about the app, but the tech giant has been trying to get a foothold in the social networking space. “After selecting I was “down to hang”, the app ostensibly began waiting for other people to signal that they were interested in the same”. However, one could install it only via an invite, which can be requested from the app.

Google's new app wants to know if you're 'down'