Senators want Buhari screened if he’d be Petroleum Minister

The former president, who spoke on Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary at his country home in Abeokuta on Thursday, revealed that the diplomatic impressions received from Bill Clinton, ex-President of United States, Gordon Brown, ex-Prime Minister of United Kingdom and other leaders immediately after the session, was promising and would have positive impacts for Nigeria.


Media sources have quoted the President’s spokesperson, Malam Garba Shehu, as citing the desire to personally superintend the restructuring of the corruption-infested pertoleum industry, as the rationale for Mr. Buhari’s controversial decision.

As Nigerians anticipate the unveiling of the ministerial list tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6, at the senate plenary session, it has emerged that things may get rowdy as a few senators are demanding that President Muhammadu Buhari must also be screened.

Speaking at an audience with the President of the Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF), Pierre Gattaz and a delegation of French investors, President Buhari said policies being evolved by his administration to boost domestic manufacturing and attract greater investment to Nigeria’s agricultural and mining sectors would be given full effect under the 2016 budget.

Mr President should take heed and free himself from such undue pressure because Nigerians place strong hope on his ability to return the country to the part of greatness. Perhaps he may even continue to do so thereafter if he is not advised to the contrary. The power of the Executive arm resides in him. He believes other ethnic nations in the North should be given the slot.

Furthermore, the Presidential aide defended the constitutionality of Buhari’s appointment as Petroleum Minister.

President Buhari is a fearless and straight forward person and this attestation was confirmed by many people who were opportune to work with him when he was the Head of state.

Furthermore, may I humbly suggest that the President reconsider this plan and allow the eminently qualified Dr. Kachikwu focus on the already onerous task of reconstructing the NNPC.


The official said: “I am aware that he (Dogara) secured a booking to see the President this night”. He needs our continued prayers, patience and understanding.

Muhammadu Buhari