Trump Lays Out His Exit Strategy

Last week Stephen Colbert said that Donald Trump has “zero chance to be president“. As candidates start to be expected to distinguish themselves in their platforms, Trump’s inexperience may show.


His travails are common for many early front-runners in presidential races, who jump to prominence because they’re familiar names who articulate, usually with clenched fists, the frustration that voters feel.

“He is a odd fish”, said Susan Munro, a part-time shop worker who has lived on land adjacent to the new Trump resort for more than 35 years. “I’m not getting out, I’m going to win”.

Trump, the frontrunner, certainly performs well on most of these issues with the exception of taxes.

Trump is active in Iowa, with 10 full-time paid staffers.

In an October. 6 interview, the “Dilbert” creator told Reason magazine: “What I see in Trump is a set of skills that are so deep and so exquisite, it would be hard for me to imagine anybody beating him, and so I’ve predicted he’ll go all the way and win the presidency”.

“The media is so dishonest, it’s so disgusting”, said Trump about how the media interprets his comments. After the 2012 election, no “heir apparent” emerged from the GOP ranks. Likewise, the party isn’t hearing much from the Trump campaign. “I don’t think he’ll risk it”. He said that the GOP “has historically nominated someone who’s a mainstream conservative“.

Back in March, Republican voters surveyed said by a margin of 57 percent to 37 percent that they valued experience and a proven record over new ideas in evaluating the 2016 presidential field.

In the CNN interview, Trump also maintained two recent themes of his campaign: Bashing of Marco Rubio and support for Russian Federation taking out ISIS.

In the northern India city of Lucknow, Sharmila Krishna, 40, praised Trump for bringing life and color to an otherwise dim campaign.

The director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and author of the widely read “Sabato’s Chrystal Ball” newsletter wrote in September that Trump prompts “blue language” from party big-wigs. “That truth has erased Trump’s lead”.

And there are fresh signs that Trump’s momentum has slowed or stopped.


Trump’s self-presentation as a political renegade is, however, getting a sympathetic hearing in a few parts of the world, where his popularity is viewed as a rejection of packaged mainstream politicians. Mayer, who has been called the nation’s leading authority on presidential nomination, stated that he was not surprised Trump entered the race, but was initially surprised when Trump became the front runner.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for the media during the third day of the Women's British Open golf championship on Trump's Turnberry golf course in Turnberry Scotland. Republican