How to get free airline tickets

It’s very hard to pay a large amount of money as airfare for travelling. But what if, you get a free ticket for travelling to your favourite places. It sounds good but very hard to get. Let’s discuss on how to get some free ticket from any airlines. There are few tricks or you can say process to get free ticket. Some of them are:


Free airline ticket

1.       Sign Up for Credit Card Promotion

This is the easiest way to get some free ticket. By signing up for the credit card and after signing up you must have to qualify the term and condition to get bonus reward, and hence these rewards can be used as travel booking such as flight tickets. But one thing that you must keep in mind that you need to qualify the essential condition first to get bonus rewards.

2.       Open a brokerage account

This is also a kind of way for getting free tickets but mind it that it may require large investment. Some brokers gives free points which can be later used to book ticket. But the way to get free points by this method is quite lengthy and expensive as they mention some conditions which are important to be fulfilled before getting some points.

3.       Eating at restaurant and shopping

This sounds weird but it’s true. Many airlines has tie up with some restaurant or shopping centre, as when you eat food or do shopping, they provide you free passes or points which also later can be used to book flight tickets.

4.       By complaining

If you ever travelled by any flight and felt some problem regarding their security or facility then you do make complain about your experience. Airlines don’t want to lose their customer at any cost, so they will take some immediate action to make you happy. It may result in some free vouchers which can be used for travelling later. But don’t ever lie about their facility; it gives you a negative image.

5.       Win some travel passes


This is the best and cheapest way to get some free ticket. There are several programs/contest floating on the web which gives a free pass or ticket. You just need to play that contest and try hard to win; once you win you will surely get some rewards. But at first you need to search about these contest and what prize they are offering.